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I am a writer who has two small presses.  I edit manuscripts, arrange layout and graphics, assisting anyone who wants to have a publication of their own..

Contact through Claudia Radmore on Facebook, then messaging me.

9 thoughts on “Contact Information

  1. Claudia, quite by chance I found your wonderful blog and have enjoyed spending some time this morning reading several postings. I have one concern, though, and that is I can’t find a way to see all the postings you have in your blog. I don’t see an archive or monthly listing anywhere. Am I missing something that might be obvious to others? I want to read more!


  2. Claudia, would you have the original photo of Jessica typing on her laptop from your post? Jessicas mom would really like to have a print off it.


  3. Dear Mrs. Radmore,
    I did read your story about Jessica Simon in the last magazine of Up Here. In this article you mentioned the Frankfurter book show 2020 with a special booth for Yukon writers.
    I used to life in the Yukon for over 10 years and wrote 4 books about my time there, all in German, unfortunately, but still hope maybe with any luck we could get in touch and arrange something.
    Please let me know whom I might have to contact and what I can do to get my books or maybe one to Germany with the Yukon Writers.
    Thanks for taking your time to read this and hopefully you can help me out.
    heide Schuetz
    Burns Lake, B.C.


    • Hello Heide; Unfortunately I have no idea how to help, except to ask at teh German Embassy. I did not write the article. I live in Ontario. The Yukon Magazine and Jessica’s husband were kind enough to let me use it on my blog. Best of luck in finding the information you need.


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