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Singing in the Silo by Philomene Kocher (2014, catkin press)

singing in the silo coverAt the end of this post, note the website of Philomene Kocher, for that is where you can get a copy of this gem.

When a writer with a haiku heart lets you in on her process, it is a special gift to the haiku/tanka/haibun world. This is what Philomene Kocher has done. Instead of selecting ‘only her best’ work, she shows her first haiku, and lets you follow her growth in writing Japanese form.

Ms. Kocher grew up on a farm in Ontario, and many of her haiku reflect this, and speak of family joys and sadness:

boots phil 1In a haibun (prose followed by haiku) this is the haiku she uses, an early memory:

U turn/ the snake slides/ over its own tail

After a death, she writes:

over the years/ the wound on the elm/ has closed and healed/ like the one in my heart

There is a tender world between the covers of Singing in the Silo, between her photo on the front cover of a lake dear to her and her sisters, and the image of the farm family’s boots on the back.


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