One Sunday in Winter

One Sunday in winter Mike Montreuil and I went to a performance by The Griffin Trio of Johannes Brahms’ Piano Trio in B Major, Op. 8. That experience prompted this series of tanka: cover AugmentationAugmentation on a Sunday in Winter  (catkin press, 2014)

Throughout the performance one of the performers gave a running commentary of how the piece worked, which fascinated me. At home, I had come across Pablo Neruda’s poem, “Sonata With Some Pines”, and thought to include Neruda in this Sunday conversation. The last line of this first tanka is from his poem:

a change in the last note/ then down a scale/ down again then/ leap up/ we forget our tired bones

Two more poems from that day:

the key to organic flow/ going back/ to what has come before/ a gentle explosion/ a surprising intimacy

a different mood/ cello’s third set/ of mounting notes/ conversation among crows/ at the top of the pine

It’s a small book, about 4″ by 5″, with a translucent cover, and 18 poems, a chapbook that makes me smile about that afternoon whenever I happen to see it.

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