My way of celebrating ‘Harper Gone’

scan justin0001When I launched Arctic Twilight: Leonard Budgell and the Changing North in March 2010, we were fortunate to be able to do that in the house of parliament, in the office of Liberal Senator Bill Romkey. Many MPs came, as well as senators, Liberal and Conservative.  Justin Trudeau was just an MP back then, but he came, lined up (twice) bought the book, had it signed and then at my request signed mine. I’ve never published this photo before, but he kissed my cheek!

The photo juxtaposition of this photo with a brochure from Haskapa, the company in Mahone Bay, NS, that produces deliciousness in various forms from the the haskap berry, is because my poet friend Janet Barkhouse who lives in Mahone Bay, sent me samples of their products.

I was keeping the jam for a special occasion, so this morning I celebrated Harper’s going with toast and Haskapa jam. Thank you Jan, it was perfect. The berry is rich in flavour so you don’t need much on your toast. Usually I pile jam on, having a real yearning for intensity. Not necessary with Haskapa jam. A little goes a long way.

To further this celebration I reread Janet’s chapbook Silence. Here is an excerpt from those poems:

snapshot: gneiss


scrub spruce

a windfall log

three man outcrop


fold on fold

their faces tell

time’s pressure


war    love   lust

lessons learned

and loss


now rest and a tot




three men making myth

how far they walked to get here

how long ago they left


For info on Haskapa products, go to Many thanks Janet, for the chapbook and a lovely day of celebration!



2 thoughts on “My way of celebrating ‘Harper Gone’

  1. What a happy celebration, Claudia. Thank you for sharing “snapshot: gneiss,” and the photo of your moment with Mr. Trudeau. I am such a fan of your book of Len Budgell’s letters, of Mr. Trudeau, of haskap berries. And of you!

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